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Monday, July 14, 2008

A New Beginning

Well, here I go again! I am going to try and do the best I can do this week, but I know that I am leaving for vacation this Friday so it is going to be so difficult to stick with, but my simple goal is no soda on vacation! That will be easy enough for me, now if we don't stop at any Starbucks, but I will climb over that obstacle by just getting iced tea with a splash of lemonade, much better than a Rasberry Mocha Frappucino with whip cream!

I walked for the San Diego Blood Bank yesterday, 3 miles! And, Holly and I went for a walk this morning so that is good! She needs to learn now from her mom's example that you can lose weight if you try and try! Somehow, we just have to learn that our kids will be taught by our example.

Anyways, I better dry my hair, I want to stop by the store this morning before I go to work to get her some fruit for the day!

By the way, today on the scale with wet hair...yes of course that matters....228.5!

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