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Monday, August 11, 2008

What a whirlwind of change!!!

So, I was doing really well, then I went on vacation to Los Angeles (Hollywood), stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel (so many beautiful skinny young girls there....we felt so out of place), then we went to Universal Studios, then Big Bear, then Las Vegas, then back to Big Bear for a couple nights and then down to San Diego and stayed at the Paradise Point was beautiful but not conducive to dieting at all!  Then, two weeks later, I have a river trip planned so it is hard to get back into the swing of things and know that I will be gone for 10 days.  

Today, I went to see a Dietician.  She was very nice and she gave me some helpful advice.  She knew that she could give me a list of foods to eat but she said that I probably "knew what to do", but I needed to do more!!!  She asked me if I ate when I was stressed, and I told her absolutely ~ this is what she told me:

1.  Eat every four hours (a palm size amount of carb & protein)
2.  Drink only calorie free drinks ~ no sugar drinks ~ water, unsweetened ice tea, except milk
3.  Take a "One A Day Type" multivitamin with iron & calcium (1000 mg/day of calcium)
4.  Write down everything I eat.  If I do keep track, there is to be NO GUILT for poor choices, she said that food is a choice and that I will notice patterns
5.  Meals/Snacks should consist of at least carbs & protein combined (palm size), unlimited vegetables
6.  As my doctor said, 30 minutes a day of exercise 4 times a week
7.  Follow up with her in  30 days!

Hopefully, my insurance will allow me to see her again.  She was great!  The biggest thing she told me is that endorphins are my feel good hormones and that fatty foods and certain addictions could raise my endorphins and that I need to replace fatty foods with other things that could increase my feel good endorphins.  Some feel good activity examples that we came up were the following:

1.  exercise (believe it or not, I like exercising once I start)
2.  Being out in nature
3.  Being around animals
4.  Nurturing, gardening, taking care of living things
5.   Involved with meaningful work
6.  Working on Handcrafts
7.  Volunteering
8.  Involved with Faith

She said that to balance out the raising endorphins with balancing calories and exercise, you will naturally lose weight.  I believe it.

What are some other activities can you think of that will raise your endorphins that isn't listed?Of course, cuddling and physical interaction would definitely increase it as well!


Heather T said...

What great advice she gave you. I particularly like the 'endorphins' part. It's amazing how the 'feel' good activities can help. I think you've got a good list going on. For me I like to sew/scrapbook but I think that would fall into the Handcraft category. I also like to cook new meals...but that might defeat the purpose...depending on the meal ;-)

Anonymous said...